Any of our pedals with a CTRL (control) port allow you to assign an expression pedal to any combination of knob settings at the heel and toe position.  Moving the expression pedal will morph between the settings.

Configuring expression pedal knob assignments:

  1. Start with the pedal powered on and nothing plugged into the CTRL port.
  2. Hold the right footswitch while plugging in the expression pedal.  The right LED will blink yellow 3 times to indicate it is in CTRL configuration mode.  You can release the right footswitch and begin configuration immediately.
  3. Move the expression pedal to the heel down position.
  4. Adjust the knobs for the desired sound.
  5. Move the expression pedal to the toe down position.
  6. Adjust the knobs for the desired sound.
  7. Hold the right footswitch for 3 seconds to save the configuration.  The right LED will blink green to indicate that the configuration has been saved.

Knobs that are not adjusted during configuration will not be affected by the expression pedal.  Expression pedal assignments are stored in presets and when the expression pedal is unplugged or power is turned off.   Expression pedals with 5-25 kΩ linear potentiometers work best.  More information is available in your product Owner's Manual, which can be downloaded from our web site.