Red Panda products are manufactured in metro Detroit from global components.  We assemble, test, pack, and ship every pedal from our workshop in Plymouth, Michigan.  All of the main circuit boards with the ARM processor and audio circuits are assembled at an automated factory here in southeast Michigan, using an automated pick-and-place line, wave soldering, and automated inspection.  For the control boards (with pots and switches), 70% are assembled in southeast Michigan and 30% in Taiwan.  Bit Mixer and Bit Buffer boards are assembled in China using components that we ship over.  Our potentiometers, toggle switches, stomp switches, power, and 1/4" jacks come from Taiwan.  The ARM processors that provide the DSP power for our pedals are manufactured in the Philippines, the Cirrus Logic codecs and Texas Instruments SoundPlus (Burr-Brown) op amps are manufactured in China.  Other components come from various countries, mostly in Asia.  Our enclosures are die cast, drilled, and powder coated in Taiwan using tooling that we own.