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Here are some links to YouTube videos (with timestamps) that show phaser sounds.  

Video (timestamp link)
Mike Hermans
Red Panda Radius (08:36)
Red Panda Radius (12:50)
Red Panda Radius (01:06)
Xmod + phaser.
Soft tremolo and bubbly phaser.
RadiusThe Pedal ZoneRed Panda Radius - The Most Musical Ring Mod EVER! (03:18)
Phaser Freakout. Uses frequency shift feedback and Triangle wave modulation, with a fuzz pedal in front.
RadiusReverb (Andy Martin)
Tips For Using A Ring Mod: Warm Audio's RingerBringer, Red Panda Radius, & Source Audio Ultra Wave (07:08)Env Phaser, Low Range.
Tri Pedal Reviews
Red Panda Radius Demo & Web Editor Overview (41:55)
Factory preset 4; vibe/phaser

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