The Context’s headroom is about +3 dBu, but earlier firmware versions can run out of internal headroom with the decay cranked up on the room and hall algorithms.  Context V1s built after April 2018 have the latest firmware.  Please contact us if you have a Context with serial number 102-057999 or below and are interested in sending your pedal to us for a firmware update.

The firmware update will help specifically if it is clipping in the room and hall algorithms with high decay.  If it is clipping in other modes, it may be hitting the +3 dBu maximum input headroom of the Context V1.  You can check that by setting it to delay mode, with blend at 100% and the other knobs at 0%

If it is clipping when the pedal is on with blend fully counterclockwise (100% dry), that might indicate a damaged op amp.

Context 2 has a maximum input level of +8 dBu (or +12 dBu) with a -3 dB pad.