Our products are class-compliant USB MIDI devices.

The following USB MIDI hosts have been tested and are verified to work with our products.

Computers, tablets, phones:

  • Mac OS, Windows, and Linux computers.
  • Apple iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone using the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter.

  • Android smartphones and tablets.

Standalone MIDI hosts:

  • Disaster Area Designs Gen3 MIDI controllers with their gHOST option

  • iConnectivity iConnectMIDI4+
  • iConnectivity mio4
  • Kenton USB MIDI Host
  • Midiplus USB MIDI Host
  • Sevilla Soft USB Host MIDI 2

The iConnectivity and Sevilla Soft hosts support multiple pedals.  Others only support a single USB device.

The following USB MIDI hosts have not been tested by us, but should work.

  • Primova Sound MIDX-20

Please contact us if you have questions or problems with these or other hosts.

The following USB MIDI hosts will not work with our products

  • Keith McMillen Instruments MIDI Expander (only works with their products)