Our newer pedals have a USB mini B socket for firmware updates and MIDI.  You will need a standard USB mini B cable, with the appropriate connector on the other end for your computer (USB type A or C).  Some "charge only" USB cables do not have wires for data transmission, even though the pins are present on the connector.  Data cables should have the USB trident symbol on their connector.

We assume that, like us, you have collected an assortment of USB cables with various devices over the years.  In order to do our part to minimize e-waste, we do not include a USB cable.

If you need to purchase a cable, Monoprice product # 3896 is available for less than $1.00 and in various lengths.  You can also search for "USB-A to Mini-B cable" on Amazon or other sites.  (Please let us know if you think a short cable should be included with the pedal, by providing feedback on this article.) 

The maximum length for a USB 2.0 cable is 5 meters (about 16 and 5 inches).  If you need to cover a longer distance, you can daisy chain two cables with a powered USB hub in between them.  Connect the hub to your computer or tablet using one USB cable, then connect the other USB cable from the hub to the pedal.  The hub must have its own power supply plugged into a wall outlet.