The Context 2 comes from the factory configured for mono input and stereo output.  Use our web editor (requires Chrome browser) to configure it for stereo input:

  1. Connect to the web editor using Google Chrome.
  2. Go to the Config tab.
  3. Select the desired Input/Output Configuration:
    Mono In / Mono Out
    Mono In / Stereo Out
    Stereo In / Stereo Out

The setting will be remembered when you turn off the pedal.

The input/output configuration can also be set using MIDI SysEx messages, described in the "MIDI System Exclusive Messages" section of your pedal's manual.  Owner's Manuals are available at

The "Analog" and "Analog + FX Level" bypass modes are not compatible with Mono In / Stereo Out, because the analog bypass signal path is always stereo.  A workaround is to use a female TS to male TRS mono to stereo adapter (e.g., Hosa GPP-419) to split the mono input signal to both channels, with Stereo In/Stereo Out configuration.  Alternatively, you can use DSP bypass.

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